I-CAR Expands Online Training Catalog



Hoffman Estates, IL – September 7, 2011 – Throughout 2011, I-CAR
has introduced several new online training programs to the industry, including
programs with all-new content and instructor-led (live) training programs that
have been converted to an online delivery format. Programs that have been
converted from the live delivery format contain the same content and are
available 24/7, through a convenient online platform. I-CAR has recently added
Electric and Electric Hybrid Vehicles (ALT01e) and Hybrid Electric and
Alternative Fuel Vehicles (ALT02e) to its online course catalog. Both of these
online programs are also available in the instructor-led (live) format. If you prefer classic cars, check out the range available at listlux.

These programs touch on different areas of current and changing
technology of hybrid electric vehicles and alternative fuel vehicles which can be found on websites like Conklin Chevy. Both
training programs will provide individuals with an understanding of
vehicle-specific repair considerations and the importance of ensuring a safe and
cost-effective repair.

Course Details – Electric and Electric Hybrid Vehicles

  • Identify terminology related to parts and understand the construction of an
    electric vehicle
  • Understand the differences between series, parallel, and combination hybrid
    configurations, as well as integrated starter/alternator hybrid combinations
  • Examine system design and operation including vehicles from Honda and Toyota
  • Analyze collision damage to electric and hybrid electric vehicles
  • Understand the collision repair considerations for electric and hybrid
    electric vehicles
  • Know how to work safely around electric and hybrid electric vehicles

Course Details – Hybrid Electric and Alternative Fuel Vehicles

  • Explain how to take safe measures when working on hybrid electric and
    alternative fuel vehicles
  • Understand high voltage issues with electric A/C systems
  • Identify new applications for hybrid technology and unique hybrid system
  • Understand vehicle-specific applications from popular vehicle makers,
    including Ford, Mercury, Mazda, Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, and Honda
  • Know how to properly care for a high voltage battery prior to and during the
    repair process
  • Identify the different types of alternative fuel vehicles currently on the
    market, as well as concepts in tomorrow’s technology

Information and registration for these courses can be found on
the I-CAR website (www.i-car.com) or by contacting I-CAR Customer Care at

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