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Certified Forensic Loan Auditors

The  Nation’s most widely recognized and acclaimed 

“Securitization Auditor Training”

We are  now offering a  CFLA Accredited, Mortgage Securitization Auditing course.

Securitization Auditor   Training Certification CourseProgram  Information

This is a  comprehensive 3-day training course to become a CFLA accredited Mortgage  Securitization Auditor “MSA”


    • Study and learn important topics related to Mortgage Securitization,  terminology, and borrower documents, SEC Search Techniques, SPV search, document  review, MERS search, GSE search, Assignments, Separation of Note/Deed,  Substitution of Trustees, Notice of Defaults, & Trustee Sales
    • Receive a Certificate of Completion recognizing that you sufficiently meet  the CFLA requirements necessary to be accredited as a “Mortgage Securitization  Auditor”


    •                 Must promptly attend and be present for a minimum of 24   hours of training.
    • Must       satisfactorily pass a criminal background check/ Sex Offender  Check       [looking mostly for fraud, embezzlement]
    • Must satisfactorily pass the final examination at the end of the        course.  Trainees will know right on the spot!

Major  Topics
Overview of securitization and the securitization  conveyance chain, introduction to CFLA Securitization Reports, terminology, and  borrower documents, SEC Search Techniques, SPV search, document review, MERS  search, GSE search, Assignments, Separation of Note/Deed, Substitution of  Trustees, Notice of Defaults, Trustee Sales, “The Note Is A Contract”/When  original Notes are produced, Auditors as Testifying Experts/Review of court  transcripts, HAMP Overview, and much more…

Designed for
All professionals in the mortgage, real estate, legal, and finance professions   involved in loan modifications, lender litigation, lender litigation,  bankruptcy, short sales, or real estate  law.

Robert  Stone, Esq. Phd.
Adjunct Professor at the University  of Chicago College of Law and renowned expert in Foreclosure Defense  strategies.

Arthur Bernardo, J.D. 
Has produced  hundreds of securitized analysis reports in residential real estate mortgage  investigations and is a leading mortgage expert and investigator. Art is a  member of Certified Forensic Loan Auditors, a research and investigation company  which consults with law firms in foreclosure defense and mortgage companies in  designing securitized analysis reports. Certified Forensic Loan Auditors has  compiled database research of robo-signers and other unlawful practices of the  mortgage industry. Art was certified as an instructor in June 12th of 2010, and  has been conducting securitized analysis reports and training auditors in  concert with numerous leading foreclosure defense law firms in California,  Nevada, and Arizona. Art is an independent thinker which is a crucial component  of the mortgage securitization analysis that lies at the foundation grounds for  discovering unlawful securitization practices by predatory mortgage companies,  banks, as well as predatory mortgage servicing practices. Art has a JD in  finance, real estate and mortgage company experience, as well as having worked  for Metro Bank Loan Services in Makati, Philippines. Art has remarkable  experience in securitization analysis mortgage underwriting, along with sound  knowledge of mortgage industry and regulatory requirements, deep understanding  of loan purchase and repurchase procedures, electronic data gathering and  retrieval procedures used by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Art has  trained numerous mortgage and real estate professionals while working for  Certified Forensic Loan Auditors, and is a great addition to CFLA as the lead  instructor.

Liz Dimalanta 
Vice President Operations/  Mortgage Securitization
As the Vice President of operations  Ms. Dimalanta has overseen and contributed to the production of several thousand  Securitization Audits in the course of her tenure at CFLA. She has also  contributed to more than 10 MSA Classes as a lead instructor in Orlando, FL, Las  Vegas, NV, San Diego, CA, and several other venues.

Pre-Registration  is required and can be done over the phone at  310-432-6304, with Visa or  Mastercard, or by Check.  Registration forms  will be emailed after payment  is complete.  Late Registration allowed  until one week prior to course  enrollment!

$2,995.00 for  the 3-day course.   You will also receive certificate  of completion recognizing you as a CFLA-Mortgage Securitization Auditor

Benefits of the Course

    1. Receive a Certificate of Completion recognizing that you sufficiently meet  the CFLA requirements necessary to be accredited as a “Mortgage Securitization  Auditor”
    2. Maintain       Students Records in a Nationwide searchable database to  verify and       validate certification for prospective employers
    3. Learn from Industry’s Leading Experts
    4. Obtain flowcharts, work product, and other proprietary trade secrets that  have made millions for certified forensic loan auditors, its sponsors, and  affiliates

Read more:  http://certifiedforensicloanauditors.com/mortgage_securitization_auditor_certification_training_program.html#ixzz1jMvILLWR
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