Cerified Forensic Loan Auditors


Certified Forensic Loan Auditors


Nation’s only Mortgage Securitization Auditor Training Course: Join us
for our all-new, 24-hour in-person, comprehensive mortgage securitization
auditor training program. This is a comprehensive 3-day training course
to teach you the tools and methodologies to be an accredited “Mortgage
Securitization Auditor” (24hrs)This course will overview securitization
and the securitization conveyance chain, introduction to CFLA Securitization
Reports, terminology, and borrower documents, SEC Search Techniques, SPV search,
document review, MERS search, GSE search, Assignments, Separation of Note/Deed,
Substitution of Trustees, Notice of Defaults, Trustee Sales, “The Note Is A
Contract”/When original Notes are produced, Auditors as Testifying
Experts/Review of court transcripts, what selling real estate notes entails, HAMP Overview, and much more…

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Certified Forensic
Loan Auditors, LLC is Attorney Operated, and Better Business Bureau

Certified Forensic Loan Auditors, LLC, is the nation’s
premier forensic loan auditing and mortgage/ litigation support company. CFLA
provides the most comprehensive and competent Forensic Loan Audit in the
industry, as well as tailor-made Qualified Written Requests, Civil Complaints,
Temporary Restraining Orders to Stop Sale, Lis Pendens, and full service
litigation support, including Securitization Memorandums for professionals
specializing in Mortgage Modification and Real Estate Law.

Our service is
focused on providing Law Firms and Loan Modification professionals the most
highly reliable and dependable Premium Securitization & Forensic Loan Audits
in the industry

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